Saturday, May 21, 2011

Things are looking up in Africa, we found Mountain Dew!  I bought the four bottles they had and now ration them out.  For those who like Coke, it is the most common soda found here to purchase.
We are adjusting well to the foods and basic living conditions.  If the electric power is on I even get a hot shower.

Lori keeps busy in the clinic providing health care for students and staff.  She also oversees the safety of water and food handling, mosquito netting, and policies for health at KIST.  One of her "oh by the ways" was the co-teaching of the class Fundamentals of Health.

I am teaching two classes this term at KIST, A Study in the Book of Hebrews and Introduction to Psychology.  I also facilitate a Mentoring Group of eleven students that meets every Wednesday for an hour and are planning a trip to do ministry at a place caring for orphans and widows near Kisumu.
I will be the Chapel speaker this coming Sunday and have been scheduled for speaking on several other occasions.  In August, I will be the Saturday Evening Speaker for the G.A. Convention of the Church of God in East Africa - Kenya.

We have Spread the Word interns coming to KIST next week and we will be hosting one of them in our home.  For those who have not attended a International Youth Convention of the Church of God, Spread the Word is a youth funded missions program, that provides ministry materials to places like KIST, like this van that is used most weekends by student ministry teams.

Lori and I are in the process of purchasing this 2002 Subaru Forester for our missionary use in Kenya.  Most vehicles are twice as expensive as in the USA, and don't complain about the price of gas too loudly,  we are currently at about $1.60 per liter ($6.40 per gallon) here in Kenya.

Here is our alarm clock that goes off at the beginning of dawn's light and continues through most of the morning.  He is large and loud! and all the roosters in the area join in the raucous, that starts the cows bellowing as well; and there is no snooze button to push.  Morning light starts at about 6:30 AM and it gets DARK at 6:30 PM; and if it is clear, the stars shine brightly in a different pattern than what is seen in the USA.

Well, I will close this posting with a picture of the KIST campus as seen in the afternoon.  Yes the weather is beautiful and we enjoy this place of endless summer...  Blessings!

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