Friday, September 17, 2010

As Lori and I make plans to begin serving at the Kima International School of Theology it is becoming apparent that we need to be there by November for Lori to take over the nursing responsibilities.  The current nurse Ruth will need to be returning to the USA at that time, leaving the clinic without services for students and staff.  
We need the final 25% of our funding to be pledged in the next month.  Please pray with us, for individuals and churches to partner with us  financially in this mission to provide eastern Africa with quality Christian Leaders.

Leadership Development for the churches in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania is vitally important as the statistics show the largest population groups of these countries to be under age 25.  If the current population trend in Kenya continues it will have the greatest population in Africa within ten years.  That is an amazing opportunity for KIST to directly influence these African cultures through providing quality christian leaders.  As an Instructor at KIST, I can have a direct involvement in this transformation process currently happening in Africa.  Lori and I are getting anxious to be there!

We are thankful for our current employment.  Lori works as an office nurse for Dr Lottes and I am a school bus driver for the Cedar Rapids Community Schools.  We continue to worship and participate with the Ellis Park Church of God.  The "5th Street Ministry" continues ministry to those effected by the massive flooding two years ago.

In addition Lori and I are completing the landscaping around a home of a handicap couple in this neighborhood that has just been restored.

Have you noticed that there never seems to be enough time?  So I better get this posted and be on my way to get the wheels of my school bus to go around.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Labor Day Weekend is upon us and for many that means R&R, but for us it means completing all those jobs that have accumulated over the summer.  With all the travel involved in the fund raising process things were often done just enough to get by and now need to be finished.

Speaking of finished! we really need to have our funds completely pledged for our mission to Kenya to commence by the end of the year.  This pursuit requires most of the time we have in-between our current employment responsibilities.  Our desire is to be involved in the leadership development of Africans that will transform their culture.  Statistics are showing that the country of Kenya will have the greatest population in Africa in 15 years.  What an opportunity Kima International School of Theology has to provide truth and hope towards Kenya's future, and it could stabilize the entire region.

Lori had a wonderful weekend sharing in Kittanning, PA and being with Rebecca, the former nurse at KIST, that is moving to care for her family here in the USA.  We request prayer for Rebecca to find employment soon! as she ends her Global Missions responsibilities.  Also the nurse Ruth, currently filling in at KIST through this next term, has injured her back and needs God's healing touch so that she can cover the nursing responsibilities.  Ruth plans to be leaving KIST in November when we hope to be able to get there.  We currently have no speaking opportunities on our schedule which is a concern for us.  We are trusting God to provide and trying to be faithful not to miss opportunities to serve and speak for Him.

The housing that has been provided for us has a couple of resident cats.  This one named Charlie was determine to be my writing assistant; and Lori wonders why my hand writing looks like "cat scratching"?  We have been blessed by God's provision and pray for partners to come along side us to support the opportunity to provide East Africa with leaders who have faith and hope in the Lord Jesus Christ.