Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Our level of support needed for our mission in Africa is at 3% today. In just a few months that needs to be 100% pledged and our start-up budget full rasied, which only has a couple hundred dollars in it now. We are encouraged by this beginning response to our support raising letters that went out two weeks ago and we thank all who have responded.
We will be traveling to Evergreen, Colorado for a family gathering over this coming weekend, celebrating my niece Denera's Graduation from High School. We are hoping Lori's mother will be able to be there, the cancer she has is beyond control and is affecting her breathing among other things. We keep her in our prayers and she needs the Lord's presence in her life now.
This will be a good break from our - sort, pack, or sell - routine - oh yes, there has been the Goodwill and garbage part to this as well. "Stuff" from 17 years of living keeps appearing and we have about a month to have this all completed.

Friday, May 15, 2009

"Moving to Africa" sale went well, even had a quick follow-up sale on Thursday that reduced what we had left, plus another trip to Goodwill. Were does all this "stuff" keep coming from? Since our parsonage home has sold and we will be moving into "Furnished Missionary Housing" in Cedar Rapids PTL! and our packing becomes more serious. Our new housing arrangement will make our transition smoother and we look forward to having more ministry time once we get through this next month. The "Down-Sizing" is emotionally and physically difficult, it really makes you think on what you value.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

As we begin our journey to Africa, we are preparing this week for a "Moving to Africa" sale on Saturday.  Finished a cover letter for Global Missions to mail out our support raising information next week.  Sorting books to send ahead to the Kima International School of Theology next week, with the others going into the sale.  Down-sizing to 4 suitcases going with us and only 7x16 to store what will be held here for our return has proven to be difficult.  Maybe not as difficult as leaving family and friends.