Saturday, November 20, 2010

One step closer to Kenya...

Lori and I are moving our storage trailer to Indiana this weekend, for it to be accessible to us in our missionary travel out of Anderson, Indiana.  What a challenge it has been for us to pack everything we want to store and everything we believe we will be taking to Kenya in the trailer.  While keeping out what we will need for the next month in Cedar Rapids and for the training in Colorado in January.
We are scheduled to be at Missionary Training International near Palmer Lake, Colorado beginning January 3rd for five weeks of specialized training.

We will have many meetings at Church of God Ministries Global Missions in this coming week.  At the last accounting we still needed about 9% to be pledged toward our budget to be fully funded and we are praying that comes in within the next month.  Lori and I will be continuing in our current jobs through December and plan to move on to Global Missions funding in January Lord willing.

Last weekend we traveled to Baraboo, Wisconsin were I was born while my father pastored the church there.  We have several missions partners here who keep us in their prayers.  We had a wonderful time connecting with Pastor Bacon and the congregation, some of whom have known me all my life.

So the days are numbered for my school bus driving and I hope I they will end before bad weather hits Iowa.  I hear our son Aaron and his wife Holly will be visiting here just after Christmas.  Yeah!

Please remember in your prayers our son Adam who has been deployed to Afghanistan, and his wife Michelle, daughter Kaylee and son Joel.  We are proud of his service to our country.