Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lori and I have been given the opportunity to extend our "house sitting" stay until September at which time we hope to be nearing completion of our fund raising phase and on to the needed education period before being in Kenya. We crossed over the 50% mark in Living Link pledges and nearing the completion of the Start-up funding, so we hope the Summer will provide us the opportunities needed to be fully funded.
My employment driving bus for the Cedar Rapids School system ends in 12 days and it is possible that I could pick up a few hours during the Summer, but further employment is being sought. Lori's nursing position will remain until we leave.

The next few weeks will find us traveling to Indiana for my nephew's graduation, Lori flying to Selma, NC to link up with Rebecca Pierce in a missions convention, then we travel to Marion, SD for their Faith Promise convention, next the North American Convention in Anderson, IN and 4th of July weekend we will be in the mountains of Wyoming with Lori's family. So the rest of May and June will fly by quickly for us. So I will be job hunting for July and August with the opportunity to return to driving school bus in September if needed.

Our "house sitting" arrangement has us caring for the yard work and Three CATS. There is shy pompous Pyewacket and obnoxious attention demanding Icabod and inspector Charlie who is into everything but has the best purr of them all. If there is any doubts, they believe that they rule the house and they sometimes loudly complain when we insist that we are in charge. We really have been blessed to have the use of this home while to owner needs to be away. We know the Lord supplies our needs so we will see what's happens beyond September.