Sunday, April 25, 2010

We are on the move this week... we have been given the opportunity to "house sit" for the next 8 weeks before we attend the North American convention in Anderson. God provides "just on time" as we needed to leave the missionary housing we have been in on April 30th. We truly thank the Faith Bible Church for allowing us to utilize this house for the last 10 months, and fully understand their ministry need of it. Now if we are to remain in Cedar Rapids we will be needing housing here in July. Our desire is to be in Kenya Africa, but we are needing to be fully funded before moving there. In our fund raising process our Start-up fund is progressing well, however pledges to our Living Link on going support have been slow. We really need to be over 50% in this fund by the end of May, so we appreciate your prayers in this.

We had the wonderful opportunity to be at the First Church of God in Hutchinson, KS to share in their Faith Promise. We enjoy getting to know those who will be partnering with us in the Mission of serving at the Kima International School of Thelogy.