Friday, October 30, 2009

As October ends we had hoped to be moving on to being in Africa, however the economic conditions have slowed our fund raising so that perhaps we will be able to make that move just after the first of the new year 2010.  Thankfully we have been allowed to remain in the missionary housing provided by Faith Bible and keep Lori's position working as Dr Lottes' office nurse.  I have found interim employment driving bus for the Cedar Rapids School District.
We are a bit disappointed in where we are at, but look to the positive side of having one more Christmas with the kids.  We hope to have my mother visit at Thanksgiving and Lori's father visit for Christmas.  Last week we had all the boys home and got a picture of them all in uniform.
This weekend we will be putting shelves in and organizing the storage trailer.  Next weekend we will be speaking in Ottumwa with the Zion Community Church.  We enjoyed our visit to the Des Moines Church of God two weekends ago.  Last weekend we met Aaron and Holly in Tennessee to transfer Tux to them.  Somehow we keep going and going. 
The Ellis Park Church of God is going to have a celebration for us on November 14th honoring our years of service here which will bring a closure needed.  

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

We have overcome the hazards of traveling in Wyoming "winter" weather.  Hitting "black ice" sends one flying through the air and landing in a ditch, thankfully upright!  We had a tire come off the rim and it it took about 3 hours to get it fixed and back on the road thanks to AAA.  (We could not get it jacked up high enough, nor dug out of the mud enough to get the spare tire on.)
Should be home in Iowa tomorrow to get the tire fixed and check the alignment on the Envoy.
We now have the storage trailer we have named "Behemoth" (it's 8'x24').  We have some of what we want to store in it, but are awaiting the shelves on "back-order" at Menards for the rest. Aaron came home for a visit and he helped me get the equalizing hitch set-up for pulling it.
With Aaron coming home, we made a trip out to Wyoming for him to visit Lori's dad, he was in military training when his grandmother passed away in June.  So we have been in Casper, Wyoming for 10 inches of snow and record cold (14 degrees) and delayed traveling home until today.  Should have waited another day perhaps, but Thank the Lord we stayed safe!