Sunday, January 9, 2011

Missionary service begins at MTI

We left Cedar Rapids, Iowa on January 1st to begin our new position as full time missionaries of Church of God Ministries traveling to Mission Training International in Colorado.

PILATE - Program In Language Acquisition Techniques is our challenge for the next two weeks.

After this first week my brain is in over load and my mouth and tongue is tired from trying to make sounds and reproduce on command sounds that are not a part of the English language.  The English language has  44 basic sounds and we have now learned many more that that (in the 100s I think).
We have had several writing assignments and projects to keep us busy.  I even know some words in several other languages.  I can see how this experience will help our learning of Swahili when we get to Africa in February.

This weekend we went to rest and relax in the beautiful Garden of the Gods and took a trip on Pikes Peak by Cog Railway.

Well it is back to the training and I hope to soon post more...

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